These fall into two groups, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) or individuals that require a once off international transfer.  HNWI are likely to be investing in property or financial instruments that are denominated in a currency that is not their home currency and will require the sale of one currency for another.  These can be regular or infrequency, small or large.  Other individuals for other personal reasons are either investing, gifting or paying for services in another currency, often smaller values but equally important.  In certain countries individuals can be subject to local regulatory restrictions.  See South Africa tab for specific services to this market.

Individuals that fall into this category would be :-

  • Individuals paying funds offshore for onward investment or use
  • Individuals paying funds offshore under South African exchange control conditions
  • Individuals receiving funds from offshore either as gift, investment income or sale of investment
  • Earnings from offshore

The issues that need to be dealt with are :-

  • When does the risk arise
  • How manage that risk
  • Forex strategy
  • Evaluation of positions and choice of actions
  • Market knowledge
  • Manage underlying changes
  • Cashflows caused by Forex activities
  • Hedging instruments
  • Negotiating rates
  • Choice of currency providers and relationship
  • Documentation and confirmations
  • Control of instructions
  • Delivery of funds on time
  • Handling of queries
  • Funds security, internal and external

Valufin’s services address all of the above actions and responsibilities and ensure that adequate procedures are in place, followed and recorded such that risk is managed and evidence of activities is recorded.

The benefits and advantages to the individual are :

  • Control of risk, knowledge of market and ability to act rather than react
  • Rate negotiation, correct strategies, market timing results in direct savings on payments and increased revenue on inflows
  • Accessible information reduces cost, frustration and time

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