Customer Profiles

We are able to provide support and services to any organisation or individual that has a foreign exchange risk that needs to be addressed and managed.  Therefore, it is not feasible to try and show all possible customer profiles – if your profile is not in our broad categories shown here, please contact us to find out how we can provide you with the services needed.

International Trade
This is the most common group. A company, entity or individual that carries out business across their home border and has not invoiced, or been invoiced in the home currency.  Therefore, an asset or a liability will arise in a foreign currency.

Professional firms
These could for example be solicitors, architects or consultants where there are offices in another country, who work with third parties internationally, or whose work is performed outside of the country or their client is based in another country.  All of these scenarios raise a foreign currency inflow or outflow either in the name of the partnership or their client.

These fall into two groups, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) or individuals that require a once off international transfer.  HNWI are likely to be investing in property or financial instruments that are denominated in a currency that is not their home currency and will require the sale of one currency for another.  These can be regular or infrequent; small or large.  Other individuals for other personal reasons are either investing, gifting or paying for services in another currency, often smaller values but equally important.  In certain countries individuals can be subject to local regulatory restrictions.  See South Africa tab for specific services to this market

Financial Services Intermediaries
These are businesses that work with individuals, structures, organisations and institutions that wish to invest funds.  In many cases the funds provided and the investment vehicle will have different currency denominations.

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