Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients

Finance Director, Electronics importer

“I receive up to date information that is relevant and interpreted for my needs and the advantages of actions clearly identified and explained to me. I have the ability to deal with one individual in all aspects of the foreign exchange irrespective of the bank, the broker, country, currency or project. I do not have to deal with the administration complications, hassles, confirmation or other interface with all the various entities, I have one point of contact for every single aspect of my forex needs, risk, accounting, administration, funds flow and rate negotiation. This way I can run my business while a dedicated person who understands my deeds is dealing with the impact that market movements are having on my business and acting accordingly. My fees are about 12% of the gross gain, charged as a monthly retainer determined in advance.”

UK Solicitor

“I would like to thank you and Murray for your assistance recently. Despite the fact that my transaction would have been relatively small in comparison to others, I was very pleased with the level of  service I received. Your assistance in dealing with the formalities and regulatory aspects of transferring funds from SA was very helpful. More importantly, your constant feedback and updates on the causes of the day-to-day fluctuations of the exchange rate were extremely helpful in assisting me to make an informed decision as to when I should transfer the funds. I would also like to thank Murray for dealing directly with FNB and settling their concerns – it saved me a great deal of time!”

Insurance Strategist,  International insurance company

“Stop loss process was put in place which provided peace of mind. The rate was monitored 24/7, better than I could have been able to do, or that my bank would have done for me. This secured a rate that in the worst case scenario secured a profit on the bank rate and allowed for upside movement if available”.

Director, Bermuda based Financial Services Company

“Valufin were able to move the funds out of a time and language zone into a bank with whom it was easier to operate. They secured a banking relationship on our behalf with an entity they had not previously dealt with and secured dealing rights immediately with the main traders. They have been able to secure better rates with our own bankers than we can. Valufin have also been instrumental in setting up banking relationships in the Far East and sorting out the banking due diligence requirements and forms.”

Finance Manager, International Business Development Company

“One phone call and one instruction online to transfer funds to the broker used and the rest happens without any administration, hassle or wasted time on our side at rates of 2.5% better than we can negotiate ourselves. The proactively give us relevant advice on market rates”


“The service delivered by Valufin goes way beyond the value of their fees, they are always able to help and remove the problems of distance and lack of service offered by my bank. They keep in touch with me on my exposures and treat even my small requirements diligently.”


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