Forex Workflow & Processes

The chain of activity is as follows :

–  setting of policy
–  define procedures in line with the policy
–  instruct and train staff
–  actions are carried out the correct way every time
–  staff are accountable
–  actions are evidenced
–  easy monitoring of the actions
–  quality reporting

Valufin’s experience shows that this workflow is easier said than done.  The reasons are typically staff apathy, bad training, inadequate supervision, non existent monitoring or intermittent reporting.  Often, organisations do not know what actions they should be taking to avoid these situations arising.

Valufin solves these problems very quickly with a Software as a Service( SaaS) online workflow that is totally tailored to every customer’s workflows.  The framework is easy to design, easy to change and can be implemented in days.

Using this software means that the correct procedure is always in place because it acts as a “live” policy and procedure manual.

A powerful interactive dashboard allows for easy reporting and monitoring.

Key sign off points ensure accountability. Evidence of due process is always available.

An audit trail of who did what and when is available and the information is as easy to access in the online environment for a current transaction and for a historic transaction.

The workflow provides guidance and training all the time and reduces training costs dramatically.  Changes in procedure do not require a large amount of effort to get working as the workflow changes and the staff can just follow the new process.

The framework can be used for any form of workflow, irrespective of the location of the users, the departments involved or the number of people required to integrate into any one process.

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