Forex Training

Training is aimed to help staff members of an organisation understand how to interact with the market for the optimum management of currency risk. It is also an opportunity to learn how to understand the internal side of currency management and the influence this has on risk.

Inhouse training
Please contact us for details on what we offer and how training courses can be structured to suit your needs.  They can cover any aspect of the market, risk management, reporting and accounting.

Group Training
We offer training for organisations to understand how risk is derived, how it can be hedged, hedging strategies, accounting, reporting and risk related to all of these areas and how best to monitor that information to avoid unexpected variances.

Who should attend?
The organisation is led by the Board and the management team and Forex is usually managed directly by a finance team.

Employees at all of these organisational levels need to understand the hidden, obvious and difficult to manage risks so that correct procedures can be put in place to deal with these issues.

Therefore senior management need a clear, high level understanding of the markets, the business risks, the various hedging strategies available and how to integrate these into the procedures followed by staff.

Operational staff need to have an understanding of the market, the risks and the implications of their actions.

Finance and accounting staff need to understand the correct way to reflect information in the books so that risks are understood, identified and reported correctly.

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