Forex Due Diligence

Valufin can perform a stand alone audit or due diligence review of Forex operations of a customer or this can be integrated into the setup of a retainer based service.

The objective of this exercise is to :-

–   determine what the current state of affairs is
–   understand where there are gaps in the processes
–   determine what is required to reach an optimum operation
–   define the actions to be implemented to complete the transition and maintain the new activities in place

Valufin will perform the initial investigation onsite, and may request further reports and information to get a clear picture of the position.

The gaps that typically arise are :-

–  accounting entries
–  timing of determination of an exposure
–  process of obtaining foreign exchange
–  revaluation
–  risk management reporting

Attached is a template of the checks that are covered in the exercise.  Each exercise is different as it is driven by the customer’s circumstances.

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