Forex Management

Valufin provides Forex management services for companies and individuals.

Our objective is to ensure that you get the Forex provider that gives you the best rate every time.  More importantly, the transaction we negotiate for you is confirmed with your Forex provider in your company’s name.

Your Forex is managed in light of all aspects of your business:

–          Risk profile

–          Hedging strategy

–          Supplier / customer conditions

–          Seasonal adjustments

–          Impact on portfolio

–          Change in underlying exposures

It is structured correctly for your needs:

–          The right hedging / cover instrument is used

  • For risk profile
  • For exposure condition
  • For flexibility required
  • For certainty needed

          Duration is appropriate

  • For the underlying business
  • To maximise interest rate patterns
  • To handle changes in the underlying exposures

–          Currency pair or pairs

  • Currency to USD
  • USD to home currency
  • Cross currency pairs

–          Amount

  • Relative to total portfolio
  • Relative to specific project

Correct provider of currency is used to achieve the best:

–          Price

–          Service

–          Instrument choice

–          Risk profile


There are also certain things we do not do, in summary –

–    we do not provide currency,

–    we do not have access to your funds

–   we do not sign any paperwork


Valufin is independent and our fees are not related to transaction volume that we generate.

Please review further information in the tabs on this page to find out about our retainer servicetransaction based servicesdue diligence and audit projects and training sessions.

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