About Us

We love what we do and are passionate about our customers.

Valufin is a team of enthusiastic people who have worked with customers providing outsourced Forex solutions for decades.

We have worked with some of the biggest international companies and have reported directly to their Boards on currency management and risk management.

We deliver a full Forex treasury management service and it is for our customers to decide what aspects provided suit their needs best.

We foster professional and respected relationships with the banks and brokers with whom Valufin trades on behalf of its customers.  We consider this a team effort and this way deliver the best rates and service at all times.

 Valufin provides high quality expertise at cost effective prices such that the gains from our services exceed our fees.

Our value added services, transfer of knowledge and market experience give our customers the ability to maximise their Forex portfolio in the largest and most liquid traded market in the world.

We cannot control the Forex market, but we can set parameters to maximise opportunity and protect against adverse movements for the benefit of your business.

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